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Photography at Grace Tree Farm





Welcome Photographers and families interested in scheduling photo sessions at Grace Tree Farm.  We are honored that you have chosen our farm for your memories.  Photography scheduling for holiday time slots begins July 1st every year.  We will be scheduling online starting July 1, 2023. 

To schedule a photo session, you will need to do the following:

1. Read, sign, and date the Grace Tree Farm Liability Waiver if you have not already done so.  This waiver is for the photographer and covers both the photographer and all the clients brought to the farm.  This is a one time waiver that is kept on file and only needs to be submitted once.  Please print, fill out , scan and email/mail the form back to me.  The link to the form is below. This MUST be completed before you will be able to visit the property for photo sessions. Email address is

2. Please use the online booking tool Setmore.  There will be 3 photography choices- Weekday, Weekend, and Premium Weekend, which are the last 2 hours of the day on weekends.  All the weekend slots are posted.  If you are wanting to schedule on a day that no time slots are available, please reach out to me on facebook messenger through our Grace Tree Farm Page, or email and I will see if we can work something out. Book your session(s) here:


3.  Photography session location fees are as follows:

 $40 per family for up to 30 minutes on a weekend.

$40 per family for up to 1 hour on a weekday.

Location fees are per family/household, not by the time slots.  Premium weekend time slots are the last 2 hours of the day and will only be reserved in those 2 hour blocks.  Those hours of 4-6pm or 3-5pm depending on the date on weekends will require a minimum of 4 families to schedule, but can have more as your photographer scheduling allows.  The fee is $40 PER FAMILY.

4. NEW THIS YEAR-  At the time of scheduling, there will be a  nonrefundable $10 deposit per family required via Venmo to hold your spot on the schedule.  The remaining balance will be due in 1 month of your scheduling.  If your sessions are less than 1 month away, then the balance will be due at the time of your session in CASH.   It will be your responsibility to meet this deadline to remain on the schedule.  If the payment is not made, your spot on the schedule will be reopened and available for someone else to use. Payments are via Venmo or Cash only.  Venmo is friends and family only so no more fees are created.  The venmo account is Krista Sidell @GraceTreeFarm.  There is a picture of our Grace Tree Farm sign on the account.  If there is no one to collect payment at the farm at the beginning of your session, please have payment in an envelope or baggie with your photographer's name on it and place it into the black dropbox attached to the backside of the picture pavilion.

5. You may arrive no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled session.  Please exit no more than 15 minutes after the end of your scheduled appointment.

6.  Vehicles are not allowed on the tree field.  Parking is along the gate at the road frontage.  

7. Small props are allowed, please be mindful of the other photographers at the field at the same time.  The pavilion is shared among. the photographers in the field at any given time. NO SMOKE BOMBS or SNOW MACHINES allowed. 

8. Remember this is a working farm and that comes with inherent risks of injury due to uneven ground, fire ants and other insects, and misuse of equipment. Please be careful and do not leave children unattended. We recommend shoes that are appropriate for walking in fields and sometimes muddy areas.

9. Please respect our property by not pulling or climbing on the Christmas trees, or stepping on baby trees. Do not climb on any equipment or on the fence.

10. Family pets/dogs are allowed (on leashes) up until the farm is open for tree cutting (which is the day after Thanksgiving each year). Once open for tree cutting family pets/dogs are allowed only during the weekdays (Monday-Friday). Each individual family is responsible for their pet/dog.

10. Lastly, we love seeing beautiful pictures of all the families at our farm.  Feel free to tag us on facebook.

Thank you! We hope that these guidelines will make a more joyful experience for everyone.  Please reach out via email or facebook messenger with any questions or concerns. 


Krista and Doug Sidell

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