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We have 3-4' tall Green Giants available ($10 apiece), 4-5' Green Giants available ($25 apiece), 6-8' Green Giants available ($80 apiece) and 9'-10' tall Green Giant Arborvitae and Carolina Sapphire ($125 apiece) landscape and privacy fencing trees now available for purchase. Pick-up at the farm. No sales tax due to farm status. Call Doug Sidell at (704) 794-8740 or Email us at to schedule a time for pickup at the farm.

Murray Cypress

Currently not available. The Murray Cypress is a popular variety of Cypress that tends to be more resistant to the diseases common to the the Leighton Green Leyland Cypress variety. It is even faster growing, too; capable of adding 4-5 feet a year when young and in ideal growing conditions. Fully mature it will grow to 40+ feet tall and 12+ feet wide. It will grow in both wetter and drier conditions than Leighton Greens and it has a sturdier branch structure and an improved root system, making it more capable of surviving storms and high winds. Murrays are perfect for a fast-growing hedge or privacy hedges and they're scent is incredible! You'll love them!

Green Giant Arborvitae

Currently available. 3-4' tall, 4-5' tall, 6-8' tall & 9'-10' tall. Perfect for privacy fencing in your backyard! Once the roots are established these gorgeous evergreens can grow 3-5' per year up to about 40-60' tall depending on growing conditions and therefore quickly fill in when used as a hedge. They can be let go to grow naturally (cone-shaped) or sheered to form a flat hedge row. The greatest thing about these trees is they're more resistant to disease than the Leyland Cypress so you won't likely have any needle blight issues and therefore lower rates of mortality. Because they're in the cedar family they smell incredible, too! All around these are regarded as quite possibly the best privacy fencing trees for our area.

Carolina Sapphire - Arizona Cypress

Currently available. 8'-10' tall. The “citrus-like” aroma of the Carolina Sapphire is really what sets it apart. This tree makes a perfect privacy fence and/or specimen to plant in the landscape. It has the potential to grow as tall as 60'+ and adds anywhere from 3-5' of height per year once established. No real disease issues known so once they take root there's very little holding them back. They're difficult to propagate so supply is limited. Everyone who sees and smells these trees always seems to want them...

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